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Toyota Celica Supra MKII Performance (tycsp1)


Immaculate Cond., Immaculate Interior, Beautiful Survivor with a Single Owner, Type-Performance, Very Rare. 

The Celica Supra MKII was introduced in 1981 to herald the big strides Toyota was taking in to showcasing their technical prowess. Its futuristic body design includes features like a retractable headlamps, cruise control, digital dash read out for the tachometer, speedo, fuel gauge, water temp and the on board computer could even provide estimate for time of arrival and distance remaining.

The Performance (P) version of the Celica Supra was the most desirable of the range. It had composite wide arches and the light weight wheels were made out of aluminium. The 8 way sports seats added to the handling support for the driver. A limited slip differential was also standard on the Performance version.

This particular Performance version of the Celica Supra is another hard fought, hard found specimen. Its single owner from brand new lovingly cared for the original body work, interior and mechanicals. With fair miles being covered, the interior is still very pristine and robust. Only a hint of wear on the steering wheel attest to the use of this vehicle.

The few engines provided by the factory had many sub variants starting from 140hp up to 178hp. We are very fortunate that this specimen was assembled with the highest rated motor. Bearing type 5M-GE, 178hp and 230nm is generated via its only DOHC/TwinCam moniker. This power was a plenty back in the days and even today you can characterise this as torquey and muscular. Its century sprint of 8.5 seconds is still respectable today. 

As such we are proud to be the bearer of this very fine specimen. From the dynamic handling and effortless drive, to the intense care for condition and interior, we are ecstatic in continuing to provide you champion cars and un-rivalled support. (Yes, even for legend cars!) Your money is well spent. 


MAKE: Toyota 
MODEL: A60 Celica Supra Mark II
EXTERIOR: LTDK Blue Metallic
YEAR: 1984

Configuration: Inline-6
Displacement: 2759 cc
Power: 178 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 230 nm @ 4300 rpm

Gear Box: 5 Speed Manual

0-100 kph: 8.5 secs
Top Speed: 190+ kph

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